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4.11.2004 17:20:13
Ýslenskir hlauparar voru a­ fß eftirfarandi tilbo­ frß Richard Morris, sem hljˇp Mřvatnsmara■on Ý fyrra:

I have gotten some of my friends interested in inviting "The Iceland Crowd" to Richmond for the 2005 Sun Trust Marathon. That will be the 2nd or 3rd weekend in November. There is a half marathon in West Virginia where by custom many if not all out of state runners are housed in private homes by the local running community and we think that would be a great way to foster a truly memorable event! There are over 1500 members in our local club, and though all are obviously not completely active participants I think that we could come up with accommodations and arrangements for a sizeable number of visitors. I know that you and Kari and Kata will be extra busy in the coming months, but if you would like, how about "running" (Sorry, I could not resist the pun. ) the idea by your friends and see if any of them might think to put it on their idea list? You can give them my email address if they would like to explore this further. And you know that Cathy and I would thoroughly enjoy being host/tour guide for you and any of your friends whose travels bring them to the Richmond-Washington areas, so do not hesitate to pass along my email address to any friends planning on visiting the area. To answer your question, Richmond is not an exceptionally fast course. It is not horribly difficult nor is it flat as Chicago or Amsterdam. Just hilly enough to be challenging, I guess you would say. Lots of history here. Richmond was the Capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War and Williamsburg is only about 90-100 kilometers away. Jamestown, which was the first permanent English settlement in the New World is right beside Williamsburg. Like the rest of the world, running is experiencing unprecedented popularity here. Ef ■˙ hefur ßhuga ß a­ hafa samband vi­ Richard ■ß er ■etta pˇstfangi­:
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