North Ultra and North Half Fjallakofans

Participation fee

  • North Half 25 km10.000 kr
  • North Ultra 56 km20.000 kr


  • Distances25 km, 56 km
  • Date27. August 2022

The first North Ultra race was a success and now it's time to register for North Ultra 2022! Want to join the most difficult (and fun) party of the year?

At 8:00 on Saturday 27th of August 2022 the North Ultra race of Fjallakofinn will start and at 12:00 the North Half race will start.

Tröllaskaginn is one of the most magnificent mountain peninsula in Iceland and lies in the middle of the north between Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður. The peninsula is mountainous and many mountain peaks reach over 1200m above sea level and some over 1400m. Deep valleys cut into the mountains of the Tröllaskagi peninsula, they are shaped by streams and the retreat of glaciers during the glacial periods of the ice age. The peninsula is also rich in other natural resources such as bird and plant life and various geological monuments.

The silence in the mountains, birdsong, waves - everything and more available at Tröllaskagi!

North Ultra 2
From the Troll peninsula

Transportation on the Tröllaskagi peninsula are good, both within the municipalities and in the surrounding settlements. North of the Tröllaskagi peninsula are two municipalities; Dalvíkurbyggð and Fjallabyggð.

The North Ultra race will lead you from Dalvík, over to Ólafsfjörður, down Héðinsfjörður and finally to the center of Siglufjörður. In the race, we follow an ancient transport route that was used in previous years for mail, food transport, etc. The unique natural beauty captivates you, as the trail is surrounded by untouched nature and magnificent views.

The Half Ultra race leads you on an ancient national route from Ólafsfjörður to Siglufjörður and the same applies there as in the North Ultra you will never forget the view.

Tröllaskaginn has for a long time been a great area for all kinds of outdoor activities at all times of the year, but during the summer it is an absolute favorite place for those of us who do mountain running.

Running routes, registration and prices

Registration takes place here on, see top of this page. Participation fees are reimbursed in full until June 1, 2022. Name change is allowed up to 14 days before the race. No changes are available after that time.

Registration is open until July 31st or until a maximum of 200 people in each branch is reached.

North Ultra
  • The running route is from Dalvík and to Siglufjörður. The race goes over the mountains and down into the fjord of Siglufjörður. Dalvík - Ólafsfjörður - Héðinsfjörður - Siglufjörður
  • Map of the North Ultra running route
  • Time limit 12 hours
  • The registration fee is 20,000 ISK
  • Age limit 18 years
  • Maximum number of runners: 200
  • The race starts at 8:00

North Half
  • The race is from Ólafsfjörður to Siglufjörður.
  • Map of the North Half running route
  • The registration fee is 10,000 ISK
  • Age limit 18 years (16 years accompanied by an adult)
  • Maximum number of runners: 200
  • The race starts at 12:00

Included in the price
  • Timekeeping and run BIB
  • Prize for the top 3 places in the women's and men's category
  • Finisher medal - for everyone who finishes the race
  • Bus from Siglufjörður to Dalvík / Ólafsfjörður AND from Siglufjörður to Dalvík / Ólafsfjörður after the race (booking takes place before the race)
  • Transport of a dropbag bag from Dalvík to a drinking station in Ólafsfjörður and then to Siglufjörður (North Ultra)
  • Track guard and security Björgunarsveita - in the mountains
  • Toilet facilities at channel and end point
  • Drinking stations

North Ultra
The Troll peninsula is pretty awesome!

Race day program
  • Kl. 8:00 - North Ultra Fjallakofan starts in Dalvík
  • Kl. 12:00 - North Half Fjallakofan starts in Ólafsfjörður
  • Kl. 14:00 (15:00) - First runners come to Siglufjörður
  • Kl. 16:30 - Prizes will be awarded for the first three places in each race, both in the men's category and in the women's category.

Further information

For further information contact Helga María or Gestur Þór ( /