Participation fee

  • 10 km0 kr
  • 21,1 km0 kr
  • 42,2 km0 kr


  • Distances10 km, Half marathon, Marathon
  • Date18. September 2021
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Domino's helps the running community!

The Mayday marathon, half marathon and 10 km race will be part of the Domino's race which will be held on Saturday 18th of September. The goal is to have a race that helps runners use their training form, according to plans and exercises throughout the summer.

The race will take into consideration all Covid rules, but it will be made as fun as possible. Chip timing will be offered by Domino's, the track will be measured officially, marked and more will be done to create a good race in the absence of Reykjavik marathon.

Registration and participation fee

The sponsor of the race offers a race totally FREE of charge and others involved in the race donate their work. The running route will be the same as in the Spring and Autumn Marathon, a full marathon 2 laps, a half marathon 1 lap and also 10 km with a turn after 5 km at Nauthólsvík.

Registration is here on (see top of this page)  which offers its services for the running community.

Location and timing

The start and end will be at Rafstöðvarvegur in Elliðaárdalur. The first start probably at 8.30 and then open to depart until 10.30. The finish line will be up / open for 6 hours after 10.30 i.e. to 16.30.

After the race, there will be a party for the runners in Hafnarþorp, all within Covid limits.