Participation fee

  • 20 km - Individual runner4.000 kr
  • 2 x 10 km - Two person team4.000 kr
  • 4 x 5 km - Four person team4.000 kr


  • Distances20 km
  • Date8. May 2021

The Puffin Run will take place on the Westman Islands on May 8, 2021 at 12:30. Vestmannaeyjar is the largest puffin settlement in the world and the timing of this year's run is based on the puffin settling in the rocks. Part of the route is along a puffin settlement.


Individual race: 20 km
Men's, women's or mixed doubles team: 2x10 km
Quadruple group of men, women or mixed: 4x5 km

Registration and data delivery

Pre-registration is on until 22:00 on Thursday 6th of May.

There will be an individual competition in the men's and women's category as well as a relay race for 2 and 4 people in the men's, women's and mixed categories. Runners can then run 2 * 10 km or 4 * 5 km.

The registration fee is ISK 4,000 per person, whether the runner participates in the individual competition or the relay race.

Data will be delivered in Leturstofan, Strandvegur 47 on Friday at 17:00 - 20:00. It is important that locals retrieve their data then. Those who come the same day get their data at Skansinn in the house Landlist.


Prizes for the first three men and women in the individual competition. Prize for first place in the doubles and four-man group of men, women and mixed.

The finish line and start of the race

The start is at the fort at Skansinn. Parking spaces are east of Fiskiðja.

Those who are going the second part of the race get a ride from Skansinn to the exchange. It is requested that those who ran the first part, will run with their teammate to the finish line where photographers will be on site.


Participants can take a shower at the Westman Island swimming pool after the race.

Race course

The race is from Skansinn to the west. Past FES and out Ægisgata and Tangagata. Into Skipasand and from there into Strandvegur. West Strandvegur, up Hlíðarvegur and into Herjólfsdalur. The race is the circle around Tjörn. From there, the race passes Kaplagjóta, Mormónapolli and south along Hamrin. Up to Breiðabakkir where the race is on the road. The run is on the road up to Stórhöfði and turns west on the footpath to Lundaskoðunarhúsið. Run along and in the puffin settlement west and south of Stórhöfðan. From Kaplapitti you run up to the house and into the road. Run on the road down Stórhöfði over the oath between Klaufar and Brimurður. Turn into Kinn and run along Sæfell. All the way out of the road and then turn east and go along the runway and out of the runway end to the east. From there down with the edge and with it until you enter the path. Run on the Trail to Eldfell and pass Páskahellir. Go along Eldfell to the east almost to the cross into Eldfellsgýgur. Then we run on the gravel road at Nýja Hraun to the east and then north. Down to the intersection, then turn east and run a short distance on the road. Down to a viewing platform by Viðlagafjörður, where there is a view of Bjarnarey, Elliðaey and Eyjafjallajökull. From there we continue north and take a rocky path along Gjábakkafjörður which ends up on the viewing platform opposite Klettshellur. The race is from there down to Skansfjörður past Stafkirkjan and Landlyst where the ring is closed.
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