Participation fee

  • 4,3 km - 12 years and younger0 kr
  • 4,3 km - 13 years and older2.500 kr
  • 10,3 km6.500 kr
  • 17,6 km7.500 kr
  • 30,6 km8.500 kr


  • Distances4,3 km, 10,3 km, 17,6 km, 30,6 km
  • Date20. July 2024

Fjögurra skóga hlaupið (The Run of Four Forests) will take place in the southern region of Fnjóskadalur Valley on Saturday July 20th. There will be various distances to choose from, all ending in the same place: Youth Union Bjarmi‘s field, which is located by Road 1 (east of the Fnjóská River bridge). Contestants check in at Youth Union Bjarmi‘s field, and drivers will take you to your starting point.

Each race has its own starting time, the longest distance will go first. The groups will merge together by Vaglaskógur‘s  and run together for the last 4.3 kilometers.  Fun fact: The Run of Four Forests was chosen the best off-road running event of 2014 by Icelandic runners in an annual election here at


Four distances will be available: 4.3 km, 10.3 km, 17.6 km and 30.6 km. The forests through which you will be running are: Vaglaskógur Forest, Lundsskógur Forest, Þórðarstaðaskógur Forest and Reykjaskógur Forest.


Registration is open here at, see top of this page. Registration closes on Friday July 19th. If you would like to pay directly, please contact, Steinar telephone 8569669(+345)

Prices and running routes

4.3 km (light jog)

  • Registration fee = 2500 ISK
  • This route is also great as a walking route, timing and free for children under 12 years old.
  • Starting point: Vaglaskógur greenhouses. Participants will head north, through the forest and over Hálsmelar. Listing available on site.
  • Departure from Bjarmavöllur field at 11:50
  • Starting time at 12:10

10.3 km

  • Registration fee: 5.000 ISK after July 10th 6.500 ISK
  • Starting point: The old Archbridge. Contestants will head south through Vaglaskógur forest. South of the shop contestants will run along the banks of Fnjóská river and follow it heading south. At Mörk the running routs merge together and contestants will head north through Vaglaskógur forest
  • Departure from Bjarmavöllur field at 11:10
  • Starting time at 11:30

17.6 km

  • Registration fee = 6.000 ISK after July 10th 7.500 ISK
  • Starting point: Illugastaðir. Contestants will head north, through Þórðarstaðaskógur forest. At Mörk the running routes merge together and contestants will head north through Vaglaskógur forest.
  • Departure from Bjarmavöllur field at 10:05
  • Starting time at 10:35

30.6 km

  • Registration fee= 7.000 ISK after July 10th: 8.500 ISK
  • Starting point = South of Reykjaskógur forest. Contestants will head north, through Reykjaskógur forest and to Illugastaðir. From there they will head east, over the bridge and continue north through Þórðarstaðaskógur forest, Lundsskógur forest and Vaglaskógur forest. At Illugastaðir, this route merges with the 17.6 km route.
  • Departure time from Bjarmavöllur field at 9:00
  • Starting time at 9:45


All contestants will receive a participation medal.

The top 3 runners from each race will be awarded in both male and female category.

Additional information
  • Contestants will be driven to starting points
  • Drinking stations along the routes
  • Timing-numbers for each contestant
  • Routes will be marked
  • Security personnel will be present.
  • Refreshments provided at the finish line.

Members of Þingey Rescue Team will be in charge of surveillence and they will also follow the group. However, contestants will be running at their own responsibility.

Any profit from this race will go to Þingey Rescue Team to fund equipment.

Camping spots are available at Bjarmavöllur field, where facilities are excellent. For camping information, please contact Birna (telephone +354 848-3547).