updated 22. August 2022

Hlaup.is was the official photographer of the Reykjavík Marathon 2022 and took all the photos at the finish line and out on the course at Eidsgrandi after 6,5 km (21 and 42 km runners) and 7 km (10 km runners)

We took photos of the 3 km, 10 km, 21 km and 42 km runners as they crossed the finish line. The photographers who helped with this project were Þorgils G. Gunnþórsson, Brynja Kristinsdóttir and Baldvin Berndsen who took pictures at the finish line. Torfi H. Leifsson took pictures out at Eidsgrand after 6.5 km and 7 km.

All the pictures are now uploaded to hlaup.is.

Please note that in the 3 km and 10 km the photos were taken from two angles at the finish line, so you should be able to find your photo in two finish photo albums if you were in a 3 km race and two finish photo albums in a 10 km race and then a 10 km photo album out on Eidsgranda after 6.5 km. The reference time given in the album title is the finish time (time from the first runners starting) and not the chip time. The reference time is also not exact, so you may be in the album before or after.