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Hˇpur r˙ssneskra hlaupara hleypur hringinn Ý kringum landi­. Viltu hlaupa hluta me­ ?

We are group 4 runners from St.Petersburg. We are going to run around Iceland 1350 km 02.08-23.08.2013. We will start from Reykjavik City Hostel, Sundlaugavegur 34 at 7 p.m. We will arrive by airplane at 4 p.m. from Helsinki. Our group has applied for the record. We want to run around Iceland as the first group without car maintenance. But to lock the record, we need witnesses and observers at the start and at the finish line during the run. We will be accompanied by two cyclist. They are not as assistants, but as observers. But at the start and finish of the required group of at least 3 people, that would be of any known to all organizations or well-known individuals. After the run we are participating in the marathon on August 24.

It is necessary that at the start and finish were any representatives of newspapers and television, representatives of large organizations that have witnessed the start and finish of our group.

At the airport, I''ll... buy a SIM card for the phone and I can get in touch if you let me know beforehand your mobile phone number.
All this takes place, in principle, if you are interested in our run.


I invite to run with us of the race on August 2 at the start and on August 23 at the finish. Also, everyone can join us during our run on different days.

Regards, Alexander Korotkov.


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